Monday, November 3, 2014

The Beauty of Blox and The Sentimental Stories Behind Them

Isn't it grounding when we unearth a good "old" memory? Or when we meaningfully celebrate someone in our life? Then why is it that our most important photos are hidden away inside photo books or in boxes? Sadly, the stories behind our photos are often untold. The beauty of Magnetic Blox are that they capture and celebrate stories. I've always been intrigued by what happens when people share stories via Magnetic Blox. I love how they bring new meaning to our lives by reminding us who we are, and where we can go in life. There really is no better way to enjoy what we care about than on a magnetic wall of Blox. Think about your stories and what's important about them? Start by having Photoblox made of the special people in your life (past and present). Then, look through our collection of WordBlox that share the messages you want your magnetic wall to reflect. Did you know that we can also create WordBlox with your words? Let us know what they are here. Why not start today to capture & celebrate your beautiful stories - before they fade away or get stashed away in a box.

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