Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A New Magnetic Wall

While I was visiting family in Tucson, my sister Jean wanted a wall in her hallway to hold her magnetic Blox.  I had brought BloxShop Magnetic Paint Additive with me in my suitcase so all we needed was some paint.

We figured out the size by laying out a tablecloth on the floor. We laid her Blox on it - the ones she used to have on her refrigerator.

After marking the area with tape, we stirred Additive into white paint to make it magnetic. 
The plan was to paint a top coat over the 3 coats of magnetic paint. The wall is textured and I'd never
painted one like it before (with magnetic paint), but I knew it worked on concrete so I was pretty sure it would work.

The texture of her wall created a beautiful faux look.  We simply applied rich rust, gold and brown (watered down) paint and rubbed it over the magnet paint with a rag! (We let it dry overnight first.)

What a fun time we had!

They love how it looks on their textured wall...
and the Blox love their new home too!

A Blok Maker