Tuesday, October 22, 2013

You Are Creative!

I cringe when I hear people say "I don't have a creative bone in my body". Remember creatively playing as a child? We were born to be creative, so we don't need to LEARN anything! We simply need to BE creative. Playing is fun AND crucial to our health. Blox are made of such simple things...an image on a rigid material with a magnet on the back. Something magical happens when they're all grouped together and then you move them around. I actually believe that the greatest purpose of Blox is to provide playfulness and expression. It's amazing really, that this type of creative play wasn't discovered until now! Could it be that now is the time for YOU start your Blok collection so you can benefit from the goodness Blox provide? Or, maybe you just need to add Blox to your collection. As my sister so beautifully said last week, "I need to get more Blox!". Here's a little incentive whether you're buying your first Blox or adding to your collection. Use this promotional code at checkout for 20% off: 20blox20 You'll be glad you did! Blok on, Marg -BloxShop Founder, Inventor

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