Thursday, July 5, 2018

Magnetic Wall - Almost Ready!

Magnetic Wall Success

It's true...we have a secret sauce and it's a very important ingredient for Magnetic Wall success. After all, it's the Magic Additive for Paint that makes MagBlox stick to walls.
MagBlox are more than individual photos, words, and art. Each MagBlok is actually part of a personal story. And, they are especially beautiful when they transform sadness or loneliness into joy. You'll have moments of remembering how connected you everything and you're memories will bring a smile. Smiles turn to gratitude - and life just feels better. When has a secret sauce been this transformative? Magic Additive for Paint Use this secret sauce on walls to make them magically magnetic. ​ Simply mix additive into ANY color Paint It's Easy, Safe, Economical AND Fun!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Stackable MagBlox on a MagWall Canvas

This incredible new concept makes you an artist without the hassle.  A canvas was painted with BloxShop's Additive for Magnetic Paint making it the perfect surface for MagBlox of photos and words.  Stacking them over a MagBlox background makes this a breathtaking piece of art.

Best Magnetic Paint Ever!!!