Monday, November 9, 2015

How Blox Nourish

When I am sad or emotional for some reason, I walk over to my magnetic Blok Wall - hungry for something. Sometimes I just nibble. Sometimes I feast. My Blok collection has three things on it magnetically. People, words and art. They each remind me of the importance of connection...and why I’m alive. When I see the beauty in the people I love, I’m reminded of the good times we've shared. They're far more than an appetizer! They prepare me for the main course … which are the words I read on my Blox. They hold my heart where it needs to be. They satisfy a hunger and give me the energy I crave. Could there be something more sweet? OH yes, now my eyes feast on a tasty dessert, which are the layers of art. It’s as if my soul is stirred by the beauty. I’ve noticed that beauty creates a desire to love. Does it get any better than that? By now my sadness is long gone...hope is rekindled and joy is settling in. It’s like these images - of people, words and art have put on a party just for me. I've received so much nourishment and I am gladly full. Then I walk away, and wonder… WHEN and WHERE will the next party be? AND, WHO will be there? Where will I find the next beautiful moment … and hear the next "Blokable" words? Will a piece art made by a child provide the next layer of art ... or will I? I love how these mingled images don’t just give joy to me. Anyone who takes the time to experience it, feels the awe. I’m so grateful for the interaction of the raw materials of ink and iron and how they mysteriously hang on my Blok Wall. Sometimes I hear them say - “come, enjoy the feast”. When I do, they bring wholeness to my life and heart. The energy received welcomes the next nourishing moment…and on and on it goes. Marg Rehnberg

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


CompassionArt When art and magnetism are combined, very special things happen:
#magnetic art

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Beauty of Blox and The Sentimental Stories Behind Them

Isn't it grounding when we unearth a good "old" memory? Or when we meaningfully celebrate someone in our life? Then why is it that our most important photos are hidden away inside photo books or in boxes? Sadly, the stories behind our photos are often untold. The beauty of Magnetic Blox are that they capture and celebrate stories. I've always been intrigued by what happens when people share stories via Magnetic Blox. I love how they bring new meaning to our lives by reminding us who we are, and where we can go in life. There really is no better way to enjoy what we care about than on a magnetic wall of Blox. Think about your stories and what's important about them? Start by having Photoblox made of the special people in your life (past and present). Then, look through our collection of WordBlox that share the messages you want your magnetic wall to reflect. Did you know that we can also create WordBlox with your words? Let us know what they are here. Why not start today to capture & celebrate your beautiful stories - before they fade away or get stashed away in a box.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Magnetic Blox aka PLAYmagnets

Oh how we enjoy our prized photos. What if they aren't just a treat for your eyes, but also a playful interactive experience? Memories don't need to stay in a photo book, or behind glass in a frame. Re-imagined, they can be brought alive on your wall...using the power of magnetism. Magnetic Blox are little PLAYmagnets that hold memories...and the emotions they stir up. What better place is there to remember or reimagine - than a magnetic wall? Your PLAYmagnets get you in the mood...for life! Somewhere on your wall is a memory so precious it will rekindle joy. Which wall will YOU find it on? Magnets over nails!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Are you annoyed by all the holes like I am?

Because of two great products, Magnetic Additive for Paint and Magnetic Wallpaper, you now have a choice.  You don't have to pound another ugly hole in your wall!
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